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Arm Lifting

Arm lifting is one of the inevitible operations that is seen after the deterioration of the skin thickness and flexibility because of the aging or weight gain and loss.

Arm lift surgery is preferred after the age increases. As the age increases, it is seen that body tissues are loosened and sagged due to the shape and structure deterioration of the elastic and collagen fibers in the body. In addition to this, reduction is also seen under the fat skin.


Evaluation Before the Arm Lift Surgery

Arm sagging and cracks can be seen at the back and inner part with relation to the age or rapid weight gain and loss and gravity just before the arm lift surgery. The accumulated fat amount under the tissue can be different individiually. So, each patient should be evaluated individually.

Arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) can be operated separately or can be combined with the other lifting operations. These operations are tummy tuck, breast reduction or breast lift, thigh lift and liposuction. When the arm lift surgery is combined with liposuction, much better results can be seen. In this way, the fat layer under the skin can be reduced and more skin can be removed at the same time.

Where Do The Scars Occur After Arm Lift Surgery?

The amount of the fat tissue at the inner and back parts of the arm and the sagging degree are taking into account just before the arm lift surgery. In addition to this, the patient is informed with details about the surgery scar and its location. In the arm lift surgeries, scars are seen at the inside of the arm and the near of the armpits. These are the least visible regions from outside. In some cases that there is not much sagging, the scars may only be seen on the armpit region.

In some cases that the quality of the skin is perfect and no sagging which is the region with much fat amount, liposuction can be enough. However, in the case of the sagging with much fat amount, lift surgery is absolutely required.

After the Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery can be operated with the anesthesia or sedation. The sagging skin and the fat tissue with the amount more than usual are excised from the inner and the back parts of the arm. Liposuction can also be applied to the other regions of arm in the same surgery if needed. The operated region is sutured with two layers and the arm is wrapped with a soft material at the end of the surgery. The patients can return to their daily activities in 4-5 days, and the stitches are healed in approximately 10 days. A corset should be worn for a month after the arm lift surgery. In this way, swelling is seen less and the skin is to be reduced and sticked to the tissue under skin. After a month, the operation scar starts to fade and then it will completely disappear after a year.



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