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Fat Injection

Fat injection provides natural fullness and gives a healthy and younger expression. With a fat injection, fat cells are taken from one part of the body with the help of a syringe and injected into another location in the body. Most often these fat cells are taken from the stomach. These fat cells live on at the injected part of the body and serve as filling material. Success depends on the survival of the fat cells. If the fat cells do not survive, the effect of the filling wears off completely after a few weeks. There are many different methods and techniques used in fat injection. With the help of a liposuction needle, fat cells are removed and injected into the new body part with another injector. With this treatment, incisions are not necessary. Local anesthesia is sufficient. The success of this treatment will depend on the tools used and the technique of the doctor. In the past few years it was taken for granted that this treatment would wear off. In recent years, the likelihood of success with this treatment has increased. In health centers where the advanced technology is used, gold-plated needles are used to damage the fat cells as little as possible. The removed cell must not come into contact with the air. In addition, correct dimensions, pressure, tools and technology are very important.

Son yıllara kadar, enjekte edilen yağların erimesi neredeyse bir kuraldı. Ancak son birkaç senede, teknolojinin ilerlemesiyle birlikte, verilen yağların tutma ihtimali oldukça arttı. Alınan hücrelerin hava ile temas etmemesi, yağların verildiği enjektörlerin boyutları, uygulanılan basınç da, kullanılan alet ve teknikler kadar önemlidir.

Fat injection is most often preferred on face!

Fat injection is mainly used for injecting lips, removing wrinkles, filling cheekbones and enlarging the lower jaw. This treatment is also suitable for deformations after an accident. For example, if there is a deep spot on the forehead, this area can be corrected with a fat injection. This method is also used for corrections to the hips or after liposuction. The effort for this procedure lies between a Botox treatment and a small operation. Local anesthesia is sufficient for a fat injection. It is advantageous to perform this procedure in an operating room. The preparation and the fat injection each take about 20 minutes per site.


What complications can a fat injection cause?

A rare problem that can arise after a fat injection is the melting of fat cells. In this case the process can be repeated. Since only a few fat cells are removed, these areas do not become thinner. Asymmetry is very rare because the fat cells are homogeneous. When fat cells in your left lip disappear, fat cells in your right lip likewise disappear. Melting fat cells is not a health problem. The process can be repeated if desired. There is a general risk of infection after the procedure. Small abscesses can develop. An antibiotic and miracle care are sufficient.

What awaits you after a fat injection?

After the procedure, slight edema occurs in the fat-injected areas. The lips in particular appear larger than they actually are. Don't panic. The lips swollen after the operation take on their actual size after a few days. You can go home on the day of the treatment. If the swelling doesn't bother you, you can go back to work the next day. You can start exercising a week after the procedure. If the effect wears off due to the melting of the fat cells, this will be noticeable after a month. The process can be repeated in the second month. If too many fat cells have been injected, regular, firm massage can help melt those fat cells.

Features of a fat injection:

Features of a fat injection:
Type of anesthesia: local anesthesia and sedation
Location: Preferably in a hospital operating room.
Operating time: 1 hour
Hospitalization: After a few hours of discharge.
Discomfort after the operation: Only a few days of pain possible. Taking pain medication is sufficient.
Swelling, bruises: Between 3-6 days, only slightly.
Follow-up treatment: none.
Ability to work: The very next day.
Sport: After a week
Duration to final result: approx. 1-2 weeks later


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