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Filling injections

Filling injections are one of the most popular medical-aesthetic procedures for skin beautification. Filler injection materials, which offer different solutions for each part of the body, are often used on the face as the aging is very noticeable there. Filling injections can improve wrinkles, aging skin, and bad facial contours for the most part. The injected filling material ensures smooth transitions by filling the lower layers of the skin and adding volume to wrinkles or depressions.

Dolgu Enjeksiyon Maddeleriyle, kırışıklıklar, derideki yaşlanma, yüz konturlarındaki bozukluklar yüksek oranda giderilebilir. Cilt altına verilen dolgu maddesi, cildin alt katmanlarına destek vererek kırışıklığın ya da çöküklüğün olduğu bölgede bir hacim oluşturarak yumuşak geçişler sağlar.


With filling injections

  • Laugh lines are corrected.
  • The lip contours are emphasized and thin lips become voluminous.
  • - Asymmetries of the nose are corrected.
  • The cheekbones are highlighted.
  • The edges of the cheeks and chin are emphasized and the chin is contoured.
  • Forehead and temples are corrected.
  • Deep scars are treated.
  • The tired look caused by dark circles is corrected.

Problems that come with age can be resolved with fill injections without surgery in a practice setting.

While facial injections are simple and time-consuming, this treatment requires extreme caution and accuracy.

For this, the specialist will examine your face and determine the areas that should be filled. Then the injection begins with very fine needles or cannulas.

After treatment, slight redness may appear in the first few days. But these disappear very quickly. If the treatment is repeated, it will last longer.


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