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Leg Firming Surgery

Who May Prefer Leg Firming Surgery?

With Leg Firming Operation, flaps in the legs caused by aging and gaining and losing weight rapidly are lifted by firming method.

How Does the Surgery Process in Leg Firming Surgery?

Leg Firming Surgery can be done in two different methods. The first method is known as vertical cutting and done by cutting a vertical section from the upper leg to the knee cap through inner thigh.

The second method consists of cutting in an elliptical shape from where the legs and the hips are joint and to the back.

In both ways there will be surgical scars left. However the second method is prefered more than the first methond since the scars are below the underwear line.

Thanks to the leg stretching performed with the first method, the incisions remain under the bikini/swimsuit. You can easily enter the pool/sea.

Must Do’s Before and After the Surgery

Leg Firming Surgeries which take approximately two hours are done during abdominoplasty or liposuction surgeries.

Patients may have to stay in hospital for two days following the surgery. After being discharged, the first month at home may be a difficult period for the patient.


Points to Take into Consideration

In order to manage the process with ease, one should take it easy when sitting, standing up or making any leg movements.

Since the stitches can not be removed in the first two weeks, the stitches will be exposured to stress.


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