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Mastopexy, which is known as breast lift surgery, is a surgical process which the skin is removed, the breasts are reshaped and lifted with tightening of the tissue around the chest contour. Breast lift surgeries are performed to prevent sagging because of the following reasons.

*Women’s breasts change over time and lose their youth shape and firmness. These changes and the loss of elasticity of the skin may happened because of the following situations:
*Weight changes

The results of the breast lift surgery are seen immediately. Swelling after the surgery will be reduced and surgical scars will disappear. Your satisfaction about new appearance will increase after getting better and having succeeded about having more lifted and younger breasts.


Which Points are not Fixed With This Surgery?

Breast lift surgery does not change the size of your breasts or the round top part distinctly. If you want your breasts with larger or smaller, you should look for the breast augmentation or reduction surgery options.

If the following rules are valid for you, breast lift surgery is a suitable option;

*If you are physically healthy and have a constant weight
*If you have expectations in reality
*If you are complaining about the sagging, shape and volume loss of your breasts
*If your breasts are straight, sagged or in swinging situation
*If your nipples are under the breast line without being held
*If your nipples and areolas are in downward position
*If there is stretching on your skin and enlargement is seen on areolas
*If any of your breasts is in lower position than the other one

Be prepared to discuss about the following topics;

*Why do you want this surgery, and what are your expectations and desired result?
*Your health condition, allergic reactions to drugs and your previous treatments
*Currently usage of your medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
*Your previous operations
*If there are family members who have breast cancer in the past, or any x-ray and biopsy results of your breast

In addition to these, your surgeon;

*Can evaluate your general health condition, previous health condition or risk factors.
*Can examine your breasts, do measurements about breast size and shape with details, check the skin quality, position of the nipples, and surrounded areolas.
*Can take photos for your medical record.
*Can discuss about the options, suggest treatments
*Can mention about the possible results of breast lift surgery, potential risks or complications.
*Can mention about the use of anesthesia during the breast lift surgery.
*You may be requested about these topics before the surgery;
*Get your test results in a laboratory or get a health check
*Take specific medications or adjust your medication to your situation
*Take a breast x-ray before and after the surgery, so it can be noticed if there are any changes in your breast tissue
*Stop smoking before the surgery
*Stop taking aspirin, anti inflammatory drugs and herbal pills because they increase bleeding

Your plastic surgeon will discuss about the place which the surgery will be performed. Breast lift surgery can be performed in a reliable operating center or in a hospital.

The Steps of the Process:

Your breast lift surgery can be performed with different incision types and techniques.

The most suitable technique for you will be decided based on the following points;

*The size and shape of the breast
*The size and position of the surrounded areolas
*The degree of sagging
*The quality and elasticity of the skin with the amount of the excess skin

Step 1 - Anesthesia

For your comfort, required drugs will be used during the surgery. There are 2 options; intravenous sedatives and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable option for you.

Step 2 – Making Incision on the Surgerical Region

Commonly there are 3 types of incision techniques:

* Incision made around the areola


* Incisions made around the areola and the downward of the areola


* Incisions made around the areola and both downward and to the sides


Step 3 – Reshaping of Your Breasts

After your surgeon makes the incisions;
*The breast tissue below is lifted, and reshaped to make the breast firmer and to fix the breast contour.
*The areola which covers the nipple and around the nipple is repositioned to the more natural and younger height.
*The around of the areola which grew in size is removed and reduced with cutting of the skin if needed.
*The excess of the skin which is on the breast is removed to eliminate the loss of the elasticity.

Step 4 – Closing the Opened Incisions

After reshape of your breasts and removal of the excess skin, the remaining skin is tightened while the incisions are closed.

Some surgical scars may be hidden in the natural lines of the breast after the breast lift surgery, but some of them will be visible on the skin of the breast. Surgical scars are permanent, but in some cases they disappear and will be better over time.

Suturs are laid deeply on the breast tissue, and this way is helpful for the reshaped breasts. Incisions will be closed with suturs, use of skin adhesives or surgical tapes.

Step 5 – Results

The results of the breast lift surgery are seen immediately. Swelling after the surgery will be reduced and surgical scars will disappear. Your satisfaction about new appearance will increase after getting better and having succeeded about having more lifted and younger breasts.

Points you should know about the reliability of the breast lift surgery;

The breast lift surgery is totally a personal decision and you should decide if the advantages of the operations will be helpful to achieve your goals, and if the potential risks and complications are acceptable for you. Your plastic surgeon will explain the risks with details.

Risks of the Breast Lift Surgery Can Include These Points:

*Undesired scars
*Surgery scars do not heal as desired
*Change of sense of the breast or nipples
*Risks which are related to anesthesia
*Disorders of the breast contour and shape
*Color change of the skin, permanent pigmentation changes, swelling and bruising
*Allergy to surgical tapes, suture materials, and adhesives, blood products or injections
*Fluid collection
*The situation that the chest’s being firmer than desired
*Pain persistance

You should know about the following topics;

*Breast lift surgery may interfere the diagnostic applications
*Breast and nipple piercing (or earring) can cause the infection
Breast lift surgery normally is not a problem for pregnancy, but if you are planning to have baby, your breast skin may expand and not good for mastopexy surgery, and also you may have difficulty with breastfeeding after the surgery.

Be careful!!!

Following your doctor’s instructions is the key of success. Surgical incisions should not be forced, be abraded or be moved during the healing process. Your doctor will give instructions about how to be careful about yourself.

It is so important that you ask to plastic surgeon about breast lift surgery. It is so natural that you feel worry about the desired new appearance or the stress before the surgery. Feel free to share your feelings with your plastic surgeon.

Healing Process;

After completing the breast lift surgery, surgical incisions are closed with bandages. You will need to use an elastic bandage or supportive bra to minimize swelling and support your breasts as they heal, after the surgery. A thin tube that will collect the blood or to drain fluids may also be helpful.

The results will be long lasting;

The results of the breast lift surgery will appear as the breasts are shaped and positioned in a few months. The surgical incision marks are permanent but they will disappear over time.

The results of your breast lift surgery will be long lasting. It will continue to change with aging and gravity over time. However, you can preserve the results of surgery for a long time if you pay attention to the two points below:

*If you maintain your weight,
*If you live a healthy life


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