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Breast Reduction Surgery

What is the Age Requirement For the Breast Reduction Surgery?

Surgery can be operated after the age of 18. In case of the real mental and physical stress condition, the surgery can be operated under the age of 18, after the breast tissue development is completed.

What Should be Considered Before the Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is especially recommended for overweight patients to lose weight before the breast reduction surgery. Smoking affects negatively to the wound healing. For a healthy recovery process, it is highly recommended that to stop smoking for a while before and after the surgery, once a patient decides to have breast reduction surgery. Do not use any medication 2 weeks before of the surgery, you can use medication with consulting your surgeon if needed. You must follow your doctor’s instructions. The doctor will learn the medical history of your family and determine the factors of the breast size affects, before the breast reduction surgery.

You need to make sure about the hygienic points of your clothes and your house. Keep clean, ironed and comfortable clothes. You should do your important things just before the operation and then you should rest for a while after the surgery.


What Should be Considered After the Surgery?

After staying for a night in the hospital after the surgery, your surgeon will inform you about the topics that should be considered, and give the necessary instructions. After leaving hospital, we don’t want you to stay at home in the bed all the time. We want you to be active without tiring yourself. After the surgery, you should rest at least 1 week and avoid some physical activities for about 1 month. Do not lift heavy things and ask your family members to help you for daily house works and looking after the children. After the breast reduction surgery, the scars will be faded and can be seen less in a while, they will not disappear completely. The healing process and clarity of the scars will be different individually. The scars will remain under the bra or bikini. For healing of the scars, some lotions and products will be recommended to you. In some cases, we apply fractional CO2 laser to the stitches to heal them better and reduce their visibility in a short period. After the surgery, you can get pregnant and breastfeed your child easily. After a perfect surgery, you can get rid of your complaints and you can gain your self confidence again that you lost before, with new clothes and new breasts.

How is the Healing Process of the Breast Recovery Surgery?

The healing process after the breast reduction surgery can be different individually, and as the healing continues, your breasts will be softer and more natural. Do not forget about the controls after surgery, and feel free to contact with your surgeon for your questions. Our patients who live in abroad, in other continents, and not to be able to come for routine controls, can always call us and send photos to be controlled remotely.
1st Week: You will have some pain in the beginning period. You can use pain relievers with the required dose under your doctor’s control. This is the most common period for complications. That’s why you should walk without tiring yourself rather than lying down. Do not forget to use your medical bra all the time.
2nd Week: Your pain will be relieved. You can increase your movements. You can continue working, depending on your job. Swelling of the breasts will continue. Do not lift heavy things or do heavy house works or tiring exercises for about 6 months.
6th Week: You can take off your medical bra. You can continue your physical activities that you stopped doing before surgery.
6th Month: Swelling will decrease, your scars will be faded and your breasts will be in shape of final version.

Will the Breasts Grow Again After the Surgery?

The breasts will not grow again after the surgery in normal situation, but the growing may be seen in case of gaining weight or in pregnancy.

What Should be Considered During Flights?

You should be careful for 8 months after the breast reduction surgery. You can take a small, not heavy suitcase for a flight. Be careful and don‘t force yourself about carrying your suitcase. Our society is helpful so you can ask for help from people around you. Avoid from people who run in the airport. Drink plenty of water before and after the travel, and you should walk before, after and during long travel.



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