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Mesotherapy is the injection of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzyms and homeopathic drugs in mixtures into the middle region of the skin (dermis) with a micro injection technique. It is generally used for skin renewal, cellulite treatment, regional thinning, hair treatment, cracks, skin spots, various skin diseases, keloid treatment and allergic diseases.

Aging that can be treated with mesotherapy is a natural consequence of life. Genetic and environmental factors, life style and our sense for life affect the aging process. Wrinkles are the most natural consequence of skin aging. It can not be prevented, but can be delayed and reduced. The skin of face, neck, hand and breast regions is renewed with mesotherapy. Skin tightness increases, as the collagen synthesis increased wrinkles decrease, the color and tone of skin are fixed; aging is delayed.

The healing effect of mesotherapy is much in evidence, especially for people who are in middle age or over, smoke, are affected from the sun’s harmful effects, have worn and neglected skin, do not have healthy nutrition and have problem with dry and sagged skin. Nowadays, it is possible to get rid of marks caused by the sun with various advanced technologies over time. Mesotherapy which is used for the wrinkles and sagging on the skin, is one of the most natural and practical methods.


Hair Mesotheraphy

With the genetic features, environmental factors, stressful life, and aging, there may be seen some situations such as hair loss or vitality loss. The problems that increase especially with season changes, suddenly increase for men in between 18-30 years, and for women in between 25-40. In some cases which our general stress increases and our tension remains for a long time, important changes are seen in our body functions and hair tissue. Our increased tension causes contractions in our hair tissue, head muscles, and small vessels in them, and a decrease in blood circulation. The blood circulation that has been changed, causes the tissues that feed the hair follicles and hair tissue, not to receive required oxygen, vitamins and organic nutrients that hair regeneration. Regardless of the reason, mesoteraphy sessions are a combined application that provides the blood circulation of the hair tissue that applied to women and men, and provides organic products and vitamins that needed. Our hair tissue consists of the upper layer which is called as epidermis and the lower layer, dermis, and since all the nutritive products that we apply to our hair can only effect the upper layer, it can not reach the actual hair follicles. In the performed mesotherapy sessions for this area, the vitamins, minerals, oligelement and the circulation regulators that are neeed by the hair follicle to nurture itself, are delivered directly to the target tissue by injection. In other words, mesotheraphy is not an alternative medication method, it is the FDA approved pharmacological products giving process in an alternative way and it is completely medical. The goal is to stimulate cell metabolism with a completely local process and regain of the tissue vitality. Mesotherapy can be performed regardless of age and gender.

The Effects of Mesotherapy on Hair and Hair Tissue

• Hair loss stops,
• The quality and thickness of hair increases,
• Some of the limp hair (short hair that we get at our hair roots) increase the hair volume with vitality,
• The split ends of hair, bifurcation, and dullness are quickly fixed,
• Dandruff, itching, acne on the hair tissue disappear,
• The vitality occurs on hair and hair tissue

Cellulite Treatment with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, selülit tedavisinde uzun yıllardan beri etkili bir yöntem olarak uygulanmaktadır.Selülit, tipik olarak kadınlara özgü bir problem olup, kadınların yaklaşık %95’inin bu problemden yakındığı bilinmektedir. Genelde kilolu kadınların hepsinde görülmekle beraber, kiloya bağlı olmaksızın da çoğu kadında görülür.
Mesotherapy sırasında uygulanan mikro-injeksiyonlar, Mezoderm adı verilen deri orta tabakasını stimüle eder, dolaşımı canlandırır, bu sayede selülit oluşum mekanizmasını etkiler ve oluşmuş selülitin giderilmesini hedefler.


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