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PRP Treatment

PRP is an abbrevation of the treatment method, “Platelet Rich Plasma-Platelet ( thrombocyte, clot cell) PRP application has been improved in recent years for skin rejuvenation. In the PRP method, blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged. The obtained serum is commonly injected into the skin with small portions.

In the PRP treatment, the serum, which completely belongs to the patient, is obtained. In the PRP method, it is aimed to obtain vital growth factors from clot cells that start all wound healing and tissue regeneration. The obtained clot cells and growth factors in the serum by the PRP method, spread to the lower tissues of the skin to heal the skin by increasing new collagen unit and the material between cells.

  • To improve wrinkles, heal the vitality and flexibility of the skin which is exposed to aging and UV rays,
  • To control the cases which wounds, cracks, and skin quality are damaged over time,
  • With purposes such as to use for hair loss or to strengthen the effect of the other treatment options, this method is successfully applied to many areas different from above
  • To reconstruction of the skin rapidly after hair transplantation, laser, peeling applications

This application is used for the areas that require skin renewal such as face, neck, breasts, hand skin and inner of legs, arms and hair tissue. It can be successful for the bruises under the eyes and spot treatment. The content of the PRP turns into a gel after the injection under the skin for deep wrinkles. This gel is effective to start deep tissue repairing for the effect of the volume loss. PRP gel not only acts as a material to gain volume, but also starts to bring a new tissue like the covering tissue of the injection area. This material does not have an allergic side effect because it completely belongs the patient


The content which is obtained with the PRP, completely belongs to the patient, so there are not any allergic and infectious disease risk. In addition, the procedures such as blood collection and sepereation of platelets are performed with the help of a sterile and closed kit, so there is not any contamination risk from outside. In addition, there is not any additional item in the given platelets. For these reasons, this application can be consiedered as reliable.

This application takes approximately 10 minutes. It is performed easily and painlessly. In the PRP application, all of the procedures such as blood collection, filling, mesotherapy and mask application have to be performed in the same place because of the technical and hygienic reasons.

A healthy vitality appears on the skin after the application. Then, this vitality decreases a little, but after the 3 or 4 applications (after cure application) a permanent effect becomes evident. Actually, in order to obtain a better result, at least 3 injection should be made, 3 weeks apart. Then, the procedure at every 6-12 months, provides the protection of the result. Do the Positive Results of the Cure of PRP

Completely Disappear Over Time?

It does not disappear, but it is necessary to apply the cures of 3 or 4 applications at every 6-12 months. In this situation, the effect of the applied cures is equal to the effect of permanent rejuvenating. In other words, a cure of 3 or 4 applications which to be done at every 20 days should be performed every year generally


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